Practical Work in Basic Counselling
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Practical Work in Basic Counselling
Study: Social Work - 5. semester
Code: 62021
ECTS: 2.0
Course coordinators: prof. dr. sc. Gordana Berc
izv. prof. dr. sc. Marina Milić
Basic data
Practical Work in Basic Counselling Social Work - 5. semester
2.0 62021
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
prof. dr. sc. Gordana Berc

Fridays from 11:00 to 12:00 pm

Nazorova 51, room 5D
izv. prof. dr. sc. Marina Milić Nazorova 51, room 18
REQUIRED: Berc, G. i Milić Babić, M.; Predavanja iz Kolegija Osnove savjetovanja; power point prezentacije, str
RECOMMENDED: Milić Babić, M. i Berc, G. (2021); Vodič kroz Terensku praksu Osnove savjetovanja; Interni priručnik - pdf - ažuriran svake godine, str
Within the course "Practical Work in Basic Counselling" and according to the curriculum, field practice is conducted of 30 hours during the winter semester. The aim of this field practice is to to gain experience in different types of counselling centers and their users work, and to get to know the work of different experts who apply certain approaches in the work of users. In addition, during the field practice students have the opportunity to gain personal experience in direct / indirect work with counselling users in order to improve the knowledge acquired during lectures and to develop skills for quality counselling, active listening, questioning skills, coping skills, assessment skills...

Field practice takes place, among others, in the following institutions:
Polyclinic for protection of children and youth of the City of Zagreb
Psychological Center "Tesa",
Brave Phone Association
Association "Children First"
Association "Pragma"
Association "Community Meeting"
Step by Step Association
Croatian Association for Alzheimer's Disease
Support groups for persons with alcohol addiction
Family centers
Social welfare centers
and others...

The obligations of students are:

(1) monitoring information on the work and content of the work of individual counselling centres in which field practice takes place;
(2) conducting field practice in counselling centres for 25 hours;
(3) participation in discussion groups 2 hours;
(4) writing a practice diary, which involves keeping regular notes of each visit to the counselling centre (or the institution where the counselling takes place) and analysing individual cases and recognizing the problem in which the person (family) is and the possibilities of solving problems through counselling (3 hours).
Exam dates