Electronic Media Law
Chair of Legal Informatics
Electronic Media Law
Code: 111844
ECTS: 4.0
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Basic data
Electronic Media Law 4.0 111844
1.Introduction: historical development, sources and competences, meaning and importance of electronic media, various aspects of regulation of electronic media - 2 hours
2.Development of electronic media in the context of information society, influence of high technologies on electronic media development - 2 hours
3.Convergence of technology, various forms of convergence, influence of convergence on legal framework for electronic media, technological neutrality of legislation for electronic media - 2 hours
4.Regulatory framework for electronic communications in the EU and Republic of Croatia - basic principles, terms, regulation of technical foundations for broadcasting of electronic media (frequencies, IPTV, universal access, interconnections) - 4 hours
5.Digital dividend and net neutrality - influence on regulation of electronic media services - 2 hours
6.Regulatory framework for electronic media - comparative analysis of EU and Croatian legislation - 4 hours
7.Audiovisual media services (linear services) and audiovisual media services on demand (non-linear services), different tiers of rules - 4 hours
8.Legal regulation of electronic publications as defined in Croatian Electronic media Act, comparative analysis of different approaches in regulation of electronic media content on the Internet - 2 hours
9.Audiovisual media services regulatory bodies, real and formal independency, various functions of regulatory bodies - 2 hours
10.Pluralism and diversity of electronic media in information society, importance of pluralism and influence of new technologies - 2 hours
11.Legal protection of broadcasting, conditional access, aggregation of content - 2 hours
12.Electronic media and right to privacy, protection of personal data in electronic media, how new technologies influence freedom of speech - 2 hours
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