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Social Work in Education
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Social Work in Education
Study: Social Work - 6. semester
Code: 84870
ECTS: 3.0
Course coordinators: prof. dr. sc. Gordana Berc
Basic data
Social Work in Education Social Work - 6. semester
3.0 84870
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
prof. dr. sc. Gordana Berc

Fridays from 11:00 to 12:00 pm

Nazorova 51, room 5D
REQUIRED: Dupper, D.R.; School Social Work: SkillsInterventions for Effective Practice; John Wiley Sons, Inc. (2003)
RECOMMENDED: Jongsma, E.; The school counseling and school social work- treatment planner; John Wiley Sons, Inc. (2012)
RECOMMENDED: Constanble, R., McDonald, Sh.Flynn, J.; School social work - Practice, , Policy and Research Perspectives; Lyceum Books, Inc. (2002)
Social work in education course examines the school as a social institution charged with educating and socializing children into society and the role of the social worker in such a host setting. Attention is placed on social work with children and adolescents in school setting and on school as a supportive environment for all students.
his course emphasizes roles and tasks of social workers in assisting students, families and schools in cases of social issues that families and students are facing with. The course explores the process of integrating social work values into a school setting and represents school social work interventions in order to minimize the risks that students (and their families) are facing with and to maximize the protective factors of important subjects in the student's surroundings. The role of social worker as a moderator between school, family and resources of local community and team work in school will be examined and discussed.
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