Administrative Law - seminar
Chair of Administrative Law
Administrative Law - seminar
Code: 44342
ECTS: 4.0
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Basic data
Administrative Law - seminar 4.0 44342
The aim of the Administrative Law seminar is to study topics from the field of administrative law in depth. At the seminar, problematic issues are critically analyzed and resolved with the students so that students can learn to correctly apply laws and other regulations in the field of administrative law. Namely, every citizen takes part in various administrative procedures or other actions of public law bodies many times during their life, and it is especially important that students who have completed legal studies possess specific knowledge related to administrative procedures and other actions of public law bodies. The seminar consists of organized visits to the Administrative Court in Zagreb and the High Administrative Court in Zagreb, as well as organized visits of guest lecturers (during March). After that, there will be seminar meetings where students will deliver presentations on selected topics from the field of administrative law. A condition for successful completion of the seminar is a positively evaluated presentation on the chosen topic.
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