Legal Aspects of Information Management
Chair of Administrative Law
The Legal Aspects of Information Management
Code: 111490
ECTS: 3.0
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The Legal Aspects of Information Management 3.0 111490
The course gives insight into information management in public administration from the legal point of view. The course is taught through 6 5-hours meetings or 2 5-hours meetings for part-time students.
Basic legal aspects of information in public administration; publicness of administration; contacts between public administration and citizens. Basic framework of information legislature; information resorts (departments). "Information provisions" of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia: the protection of privacy and personal data; freedom of opinion and speech; the right to complaint; freedom of scientific, cultural, and artistic expression; publicness of the sessions of the Croatian Parliament and court hearings; publicizing the regulations. The right to access public sector information. The protection of personal data. Confidential (classified) information (levels of confidentiality; classifying and declassifying the information; access to classified information, protection of classified information; business and professional secret). Media law. The relations of public administration and the public. Records management. Introduction to ICT in public administration and communications within public administration. (Un)availability of public sector information - summary: general systematisation of information (un)availability; the criteria of (un)availability; the procedure of protecting the right to access information; terminological boundaries.
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