Information Technology Law - seminar
Chair of Legal Informatics
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Information Technology Law - seminar
Code: 187237
ECTS: 4.0
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Information Technology Law - seminar 4.0 187237
Information technology law seminar deals with legal regulation of information and communications technologies and their use in a digital environment.
The development of information and communications technologies is analyzed through a historical perspective, emphasizing development and Internet architecture.
Furthermore, the subject covers basic principles of legal regulation of information technologies and deals with their impact on society in general.
The course is divided in several chapters that reflect the most important areas of information technology law: computer crime, personal data protection, protection of intellectual property in a digital environment, internet governance and regulation, electronic commerce and electronic business, and information security. The first chapter that covers computer crime deals with the etiology, manifestation and material and procedural regulation of computer crime. Personal data protection and protection of privacy in a digital environment is covered in the context of the European legal framework with special attention to basic principles of data protection, the legality of data processing, special categories of personal data and technical and organizational measures for the purpose of better personal data protection. This chapter also covers the protection of privacy in electronic communications. The next chapter, which deals with the protection of intellectual property in the digital environment covers all types of license agreements with regard to computer programs and digital content and also the protection of internet domain names. The chapter that deals with internet governance and regulation talk about key concepts, internet architecture and the role of international organizations and arbitration bodies in internet regulation. Furthermore, the chapter "Electronic business and electronic commerce cover legal framework that regulates the use of information and communications technologies in conducting business and commerce and the legal regulation of electronic signature as a basis for e-business and reliable identification in a digital environment. In the last chapter, "Information security" subject deals with basic assumptions for achieving information security, its role and importance in protecting information systems and the phenomenon of information warfare.
The course explores relevant judicial and administrative practice, regulatory and oversight body decisions and other relevant sources. Students are introduced to practical and theoretical issues.
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