Chair of General History of Law and State
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Jean Monnet Module Development of European Integration and Institutions




Module Leader:

Dr. Ivan Obadić, e-mail:

Members of the Teaching Staff:

Prof. Dr. Zrinka Erent Sunko
Dr. Miran Marelja


Project Summary

The last two decades have seen a growing trend towards mainstreaming the study of European integration into the Croatian higher education. Today learning about the EU law, political system, and economics are ever more salient in university curricula. Along with the growth in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes in European Union studies in Croatia, to date there has been a lack of modules dealing with the historical dimension of European integration. The project “Development of European Integration and Institutions” aims to bridge the gap by offering the European Union history course. The main aim of the Jean Monnet Module is to foster teaching and research activities on the historical dimension of the European Union at the University of Zagreb. Wider objectives of the module are to lay the groundwork for the introduction of the history of European integration into the core syllabus of the Chair of General History of Law and State and to enhance and further develop European studies in Croatia by including the historical dimension, which is currently missing in the university programs.